Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Video Games to Motivate Writing and Expression

For reluctant writers, video games, fantasy, and science fiction can be better writing prompts than the standard fare. Using the computer, students can picture events first, then add in words.

In our work, we have also seen some children with fairly hefty language disabilites really excel on challenging computer games. Sometimes computers are the best way for them to express their ideas or analytical ability without being limited by words. Sometimes even parents are surprised by their skills. It seems that lack of verbal ability is often mistaken for lack of intelligence.

Myst to Motivate Writing


  1. Anonymous9:30 AM

    This is fascinating! When I think about reluctant writers, many of those people are also avid video game players. Seems to make perfect sense. Any ideas on a good game that would be acceptable to the grades 3 & 4 reluctant writers?

  2. We have a wide selection of visitors to this site who have more experience with games than us-hopefully they will share some favorites.

    Our son just began a homeschool class on RPG Creator. This is a free program that provides a lot of tools for making your own RPGs(role playing games)- like clip art for heros, buildings and landscapes, animation sets for battles, monsters, transformations.

    The class, mostly 10-13 year old boys was bubbling over. Most game making websites (like Gaming World) have free downloadable games - so you can play them but also see how they are made with the same program you have.

    Check out: http://www.gamingw.net/games/