Friday, March 11, 2005

Mental Imagery and the Perfect Golf Swing

As most professional atheletes know, mental imagery combined with practice yields success. The information still takes time to trickle down to stroke rehab patients and children with coordination problems. Here's a figure from a study (Ross and colleagues at Cleveland Clinics) that found that brain imagery could predict a golfer's handicap. Golfers with various handicaps were told to imagine their golf swing while in the scanner. The better golfers had a much more precise and localized pattern of activation. Sloppy imagery, sloppy swing.

Now that mental imagery can be visualized, look for more sophisticated analyses of its applications and optimization. Among school children, imagery can be used as a tool to improve memory and recall, attention, and sensory-motor coordination.

Mental Imagery and Golf Handicap (Powerpoint)
Imagery Training and Stroke

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