Wednesday, March 02, 2005

L Neglect in Children with 'ADHD'

More research suggesting that neurologic difficulties are missed and children are being inappropriately diagnosed as 'ADHD'. Interestingly, a left-sided mini-neglect is also common among children with reading disorders and adult dyslexics. There is a surprisingly high frequency of neurologic findings in children referred to us for ADD or ADHD testing. There might be good reasons for this, including more children surviving high risk or complicated pregnancies and deliveries. One thing is sure - children should not be diagnosed by a teacher and parent questionnaire alone, and a careful medical evaluation is important for every child.

BBC NEWS | Health | Left blind-spot 'gives ADHD clue'
Left minineglect in dyslexic adults -- Hari et al. 124 (7): 1373 -- Brain

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