Friday, March 04, 2005

Gift in the Disability - Rembrandt, Babe Ruth, & Lazy Eye

With lazy eye, hyperacuity develops in the good eye - and perhaps this helps with hitting the ball and artistic vision? Check out Professor Livingstone's theories about lazy eye and the geniuses of Rembrandt and Babe Ruth. Like other situations of deprivation, the brain revs up to compensate for the loss and develops supersensitivity for what's intact (lazy eye...lazy brain).

See how much more visual cortex is activated by the 'good' eye?
p.s. Here's an added a detail from Rembrandt's Self Portrait
Stereoblindness - the Gift in the Disability
Comparison between anisometropic and strabismic amblyopia in fmri
WebMuseum: Rembrandt: Self-Portraits

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