Sunday, March 13, 2005

Dyslexic Engineers

"He would be the smartest lad in the school if the instruction were entirely oral..." (first case of dyslexia, Pringle Morgan- 1896)

The first link below is a scholarly resource reviewing and trying to solve the academic dilemmas of gifted dyslexic engineers. The cases show many common but extremely frustrating conditions - reversals, omissions of words, inversions of fractions - all present in the face of high level analytical and problem solving ability. In some cases, seemingly trivial interventions like performing calculations on custom-sized graph paper solved 'careless' errors. Extra time was also a great help.

We also include a dyslexic architect's reflection on her educational strengths and challenges. You can see that paradoxes abound. She had difficulty with conventional 2-D geometry (mirror reflections), but she excelled in 3D work.

Dyslexic Engineers
Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs
Dyslexic Architect


  1. Hi, I teach grade 12 precalculus math. I have a studednt who I suspect has dyslexia. She frequently reverses digits and fractions yet seems to otherwise be applying the skills learned in class correctly. This is a huge disadvantage for her on multiple choice and short answer assessment type questions. Can you suggest any resources for me to:

    (1) confirm or deny that she has dyslexia; and
    (2) help me help her overcome this challenge?

    Thanks in advance,
    Darren Kuropawa

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  3. Hi Darren. You can give her our email (drseide 'at' if she wanted to contact us re: questions. Also the Learning Disabilities Association and International Dyslexia Association should have lists of people in your area who perform assessments. Their national websites are: and There are more articles at: