Monday, February 28, 2005

Resources for Entrepreneurship in Kids and Teens

Check out the Mint- the interactive pages at this site allow you to choose your level of education (and paycheck), see how much you get to take home, make choices on your lifestyle (Internet access, apartment with air conditioning and a dishwasher?), weigh investments, and see if your personality matches well to being successful in business.

Organizing Genius is a book about successful creative leaders of business groups (like Apple computers, Skunkworks, Disney). It's a great read, and it definitely offers a different view of what work and learning can do. Rich Kid Smart Kid is Kiyosaki's guide to financial literacy for kids. follows the true life events of a rising then falling startup, and Pirates of Silicon Valley follows the adventures of early computer giants (from garage to multi-billion dollar corporation).

The Mint Home Page
Organizing Genius
Rich Kid Smart Kid
Pirates of Silicon Valley
Teen Entrepreneur Site
Teen Entrepreneur and Google

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