Friday, February 18, 2005

fMRI of 'Creativity' - Fluid Analogies

Here are two interesting brain pics from John Geake's work on fMRI and Analogies. If you look at functional brain imaging, a common theme in gifted thinking studies appears to be 'whole brain' giftedness. People who excel at fluid analogies, mathematics, or art are not just right or left brain thinkers, but right and left brain thinkers. It's like the Gifted Creative Corporation mentioned in our NAGC talk (here)- there's a Creativity Director (combining ideas, shifting patterns) and a CEO (manages the entire process)coordinating the creative work and bringing the project to fruition.

fMRI of Fluid Analogies

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  1. Anonymous11:26 AM


    Interesting post, but does this suggest that one individual perform the task of CEO and Design Director i.e. Those capable of whole brain thinking.

    Is whole brain thinking capability that can be nurtured or something that is part of a neurological make-up?