Sunday, January 02, 2005

Why the Neurolearning Blog & the Free Access Effort of the NIH

We're excited about the NIH's call to provide expanded access NIH-funded research on the web. This is really terrific. One question has been- if all of us taxpayers are contributing to NIH funding of research, how come we can't easily get access to the publication of their findings? Good question. So things will be changing. There are still some policies and compromises being struck with scientific publishers, but already there has been a tremendous increase in the availability of research articles on the web.

This means a lot more opportunity for hearing about new information and being able to critique what is being reported. This is a boon for many parents and professionals interested in medical conditions like autism or attention deficit disorder, but can also provide our whole worldwide community with a greater understanding of the different ways that we think.

In our Neurolearning Blog, we want to provide a place where people can check in daily and read about all things concerned with Neurolearning - this includes discussion and article links about the latest news in learning differences and preferences, medical conditions like autism and auditory processing problems, and topics like dyslexia, visual processing, sensory processing, apraxia, and attention deficit disorder. We are interested in hearing about biographical accounts as well as research studies, because each really informs the other.

So welcome to our Eide Neurolearning Blog. We look forward to this exciting new venture. Drs. Fernette and Brock Eide.

NIH Proposes Free Access For Public to Research Data (

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