Saturday, January 15, 2005

Visual Aspects of Dyslexia

More research dissecting out the visual processing problems in dyslexia. Many people are surprised to hear dyslexia described as a sensory processing disorder, but dyslexia causes difficulties in both sight and sound discrimination - and these are the main 'senses' that are affected. It's not a matter of not seeing or hearing completely, but rather a jumbling up of letters while reading, or sounds while listening.

In this country, the current tide has swept over to phonics, but children with mixed visual-auditory dyslexia or visual-predominant dyslexia may be left out by this exclusive approach. Although Dr. Eden at Georgetown has published some work on the brain-based visual processing problems in dyslexia, most of the work has been in Europe or Australia.

This new work is nice to see from USC. It's just the beginning, but it provides a model for figuring out why visual distraction can be such a problem among some dyslexics.

Visual Distraction and Dyslexia

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