Saturday, January 22, 2005

Different Male and Female Intelligence? More from fMRI

UCI researchers find that men and women differ in the areas activated with intellectual skill. Men have more gray (neuron cell bodies), whereas women have more white (neuronal processes). Hmmmm.... Neuropsychologist Rex Jung suggests that may be why men excel more at local processing (logic, convergent thinking), where as women excel at divergent, association, and integrative activities - like language.

For those of you more familiar with the Myers Brigg Type Indicator, it called to mind the finding that 65% of men were predominant 'Thinker' (logic, deduction, impersonal meaning) types, whereas 65% of women were predominant 'Feeling' (values, personal meaning) types.

For school, an obvious question is whether strong differences also exist in childhood or adolescence. Women teachers tend to dominate K-12 classrooms - might this disadvantage boys for some types of learning?

Intelligence In Men And Women Is A Gray And White Matter

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