Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Amazing Brain: Virtual Rehabilitation & the Ultimate in Metacognition

If the last decade was Decade of the Brain, this Decade is the Decade of Brain Power. Some interesting articles for you: First, imagery-guided rehabilitation - when ordinary rehabilitation failed to produce any improvement, virtual training (imagery training) combined with usual rehabilitation resulted in further recovery from a stroke. Second, how real-time functional brain imaging allowed subjects to learn a spatial task better when they were able to see what patterns of brain activation were being seen in their brains. The test subjects showed benefit only if they receive special training about what pattern of their brain activation was desireable.

Imagery and metacognition is not just for poets anymore. Understanding our personal wiring and the biology of our thinking will help us all over obstacles and live more fully.

Cerebral and cerebellar sensorimotor plasticity following motor imagery-based mental practice of a sequential movement

Gabrieli PubMed Abstract

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