Friday, December 31, 2004

Impaired Balance Among Children with General 'Anxiety' - Undiagnosed Sensory Processing?

This article caught our eye. Researchers in Tel Aviv found that a high proportion of children diagnosed with a general anxiety disorder had difficulty with balance. Could some of these children have unrecognized sensory processing disorders? An interesting thought...


  1. Shaila9:49 AM

    Interesting. I have a HG 4yo son, who has had various sensitivity issues which has led me here. I've noticed that my son is very hesitant when it comes to activities requiring balance. That in itself has made me think he's just careful, but he also has many many nervous tics that I've read *could* be signs of anxiety. I'd be interested in knowing if this information really becomes clinically relevant or even diagnostic.

  2. Hi Shaila- It can be difficult sorting out whether anxiety is part of a general picture or due to physiological factors like poor balance. Look to see if you begin to notice certain pattern as to when he becoming anxious - is it more with heights? busy environments? noisiness? movement? (e.g. escalators) Sometimes a child's anxieties may also be temporary, but if the hesitancies begin to interfere with exploration or socialization, then an evaluation by a physician or pediatric therapist might be helpful.